On Site Hardware and software support

Got a problem that stops you working? We can sort it, normally within 24 hours. Serious hardware failure? No problem. Software not working properly? Easy. Need help, wondering how to do something? We'll help.

Our customers rely on us to keep their IT running smoothly, so they can concentrate on thier line of business. Automated alerts and our pro-active monitoring mean that we often fix problems before our customers are even aware that anything is wrong, avoiding expensive downtime.

Network and System server installation

We have years of experience in server, workstation and network installation. We can also carry out network wiring to an extremely high standard. With a correctly configured network and server you can seamlessly:

  • Fax, email and print from any computer
  • Access your computer and email remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Centralise and share information

We build servers and client pc's to custom requirements, normally our servers will be built from server class chassis's with ECC (Error Checking) RAM and RAID arrays to protect data and minimise or eradticate downtime. With well-built servers, it's possible to replace a failed hard drive / power supply / fan without any interruption to service at all!

Energy Saving

How much is your electricity bill? Did you know that a few simple policies and setting changes could reduce the engery consumption of your IT equipment by as much as 60% or more? Planning and implementing intelligent power policies is just one of the ways we can save you money.

Virus and Spyware removal

In the event of major Trojan or spyware infestation, we tend to use a combination of anti-virus and anti-spyware software and manual checking of the registry and other areas to physically 'hack out' the offending lines of code that are infected. We rarely need to wipe an infected pc, 98% of all infections can be cleaned.


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