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We act as an pro-active outsourced IT services department for a wide range of small and medium businesses in the Essex, offering complete peace of mind for customers under our support contracts. We specialise in providing cost effective IT services that save our clients time and money.

Why choose us? Simple:

  • Highly qualified IT engineers
  • One-on-one technical contact - No call centres, no 'we'll call you back', just direct contact with an engineer who can answer your question
  • Same day response, normally less than 2 hours for urgent problems
  • Pro-active network health monitoring - we often fix problems before our clients are even aware of them
  • We understand that IT must work for your business, not the other way around
  • Over 90% of our clients renew their maintenance contracts year on year, some having been with us since we started in 2002.


Unlike some of our competitors, we take pride in creating bespoke solutions that meet our customers needs - rather than sell you an out of the box package, and then disappear after installation time when you are picking up the pieces, we aim to support implementations for the indefinite future - thus making it in our interest to ensure we provide suitable, secure and reliable IT infrastructures that keep your business moving.

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For a limited time period, we are offering a full report on your systems, complete with our recommendations as to what you could do to optimise your network and also any procedures that could save you time and money. Computer downtime can cost fortunes, and rather than bore you with graphs and figures, something as simple as the computer that handles your shipping throwing a hiccup could cost you a days worth of deliveries, or at worst a lost customer. We make a detailed report including the following:

  • Physical Hardware inspection including Cooling Fans
  • Speed of individual PC's / Network
  • Importance of each PC, disaster recovery plans.
  • Application of software and hardware to cut costs and time
  • Security analysis

Why wait until something goes wrong and you are losing money and customers?? Contact us now, and we'll see if theres anything we can do to help maintain your success.